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Gifts to Warm the Heart

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Look no further for original Christmas gifts for loved ones:

There is still time to gather the family for your studio or woodland photo-shoot to give treasured photographs to loved ones, alternatively, we have a number of joyous gift ideas for you to appreciate together.

Enjoy a family photo-shoot to mark a celebration or landmark birthday in 2018, presented in five different 10" x 8" finished photographs in a unique luxury 'Memory Box' - a gift for someone special for all the family to experience in the New Year, either at our studio, your home & garden or a nearby woodland.

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A personal 'Memory Box' to keep your memories safe for generations to come.

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Don't forget to include man's best friend for their own exclusive photo-shoot or to join yours.

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Each gift box contains a voucher for a photo-shoot to enjoy in 2018 - beautifully presented in a silver plated frame (tarnish resistant so no cleaning!) for the carefully crafted photograph from the recipients photo-shoot to be displayed in.

Follow this link to the 'Christmas Special Offers' page on our website to see the selection of exclusive gifts to choose from.

Simply come into the studio or call us on 01883 722282 to pay and collect.

With love

Stella x

First Photograph of 2016

With the new year in full swing, people filled with motivation and resolutions for a prosperous and healthy year. One thing I always look forward to is the first picture of the year, it's the starting place for me.This studio shoot of Jess and Jack is particularly poignant, I've known their mum for over 12 years (when she first met their dad), capturing their joyful journey, engagement, wedding... The below iPhone pictures lead you to the one I took.

From Start 'Come on Jack, give your sister a kiss and cuddle'.


For all camera gurus and enthusiast, I used a Nikon D750 body with a Nikon 50mm lens with a wide open aperture to create that lovely shallow depth of field. This particular fixed-focus lens is one I have owned since I started my career in photography in the 70s, you have to manually focus it so I had to be super quick.


To Finish ahh, so cute, a lovely expression of sibling love, makes my heart melt. I love the relationships I have with my customers, watching their families grow and evolve and to welcome new families too.


I'll be back every month with a newsletter about what's happening at SMS Creative Photography, I also write a monthly newsletter for my classic and supercar photography branch of the business called 'Stella', just follow this link if you would like to find out more.

Thanks for reading.


Are You Getting The Best Out Of Your Camera This Summer?

The summer time is a good time of year to understand how to get the best out of your camera. Especially if you feel your camera controls you. With digital cameras being so sophisticated it's worth getting back to basics, do you remember when all you had to think about was:-

1. Putting film in your camera. 2. What shutter speed should I choose. 3. Which aperture should I use. 4. Focus and shoot.

It isn't too different now, just remember to set your camera to M for manual so you can take control.

With automatic focus this is something you don't have to worry about, these few simple tips will set you on your way.

Fisherman walking along Barbados beach1
Light Metre Display

A very useful tool to use is your lightmetre, you'll see this displayed at the bottom of your view finder, it is so helpful, just make sure the arrow is around the centre 0, by adjusting your shutter speed and aperture. It will look something like the diagram above. A good starting point on a cloudy day is F8 (aperture) at 1/125 (shutter speed) with your ISO set to 400 or use auto setting for this. The picture below shows what your histogram looks like on the back of your camera, a useful tool to check your exposure, a peak similar to the below shows an evenly exposed image.


If this is all Greek to you and you think you could, or someone you know could benefit from my one to one two hour classes, just call the studio on 01883 722282 or click on this link to find out more.

Enjoy the weekend, I'll be back in two weeks time with more news. Bye for now!


Capture the Present, to Create the Past, for Future Generations...

Quick and Easy In this amazing, disposable, digital, instant age we now live in, isn't it remarkable we can capture a moment on our smart phone and share and post for all to be a part of that emotion?

We can record some special times with a click of a button without the hassle of carrying a camera - but do we ever stop - stop and savour that moment, do we ever appreciate it, or are we too concerned about photographing to share on social media?

Don't get me wrong I'm a firm believer that we share these times, with our smart phones we become so connected, but don't let them replace the importance of professional photographs. Now is a good time of year to make time to let a professional capture landmarks in your life, from my experience everyone has been so pleased they did.

Immortalize I love commissions to photograph moments that can never be repeated. My work is my passion, I get to meet so many interesting people who allow me into their lives to capture their families to reflect on and to safeguards their family history.

By going that extra mile, you are capturing the present, to create the past for future generations. In years to come, with printed photographs there will still be that suitcase in the attic full of prints for future generations to rummage through, just to see what great grandma or grandpa looked liked. It's that moment of realisation when you spot a distant relative who looks just like a member of your family.

Then and Now The selection of photographs below show examples of the photographs taken during the early years of when I opened my studio in 1997 to present day.

If I have photographed you before and you would like to recreate the pose, or you would like to start your family visual history, just give us a call, or come into our friendly studio to find out where to start.

Photographs below taken 'Then' in December 1999 and 'Now' in December 2014


Photographs below taken 'Then' in September 1997 'Now' April 2015


Photographs below taken 'Then' in September 2002 and 'Now' February 2015


Photographs below taken 'Then' in December 1998 and 'Now' January 2015


Photographs below taken 'Then'  December 1998 and 'Now' October 2014


Thanks for reading, I'll be back in two weeks with more to share. Enjoy the sunshine! Bye for now.


Summer Photographic Exhibitions

This is my favorite time of year, with the Summer Solstice on Sunday 21st June. What better way to spend 16 hours of daylight than outside with your friends and family and camera in hand. The perfect opportunity to make the most of the early morning light from dawn 'til dusk. Inspiration

If you need a little bit of inspiration it's worth making the most of the various photographic exhibitions not too far from home. I have chosen a few that may interest you in London, but firstly one in Kent, at Hever Castle this Sunday for Father's Day.

Stella Scordellis Automotive Photography at Hever Castle on Father's Day Sunday 21st June, a family day out and to see the cars and bikes racing legend John Surtees once drove and to meet him too.  On display are a selection of my Limited Edition framed automotive photographs and on sale for the first time. This link will tell you more.

Beneath the Surface at Somerset House until 24th August, the photographs on display are of a watery theme dating back to Victorian times, some rarely seen and from the V & A collection.


Fresh Faced + Wide Eyed at the Photographers Gallery is dedicated to recognising and nurturing new talents on until 5th July.

Ernst Haas: Reconstructing London at the Atlas Gallery showing images by this iconic photographer of London in the late 1940's some of it still recognisable, on until Saturday 4th July.

Audrey Hepburn - Portraits of An Icon at the National Portrait Gallery from 2nd July, a selection of more than seventy images taken by, Terry O'Neill, Richard Avedon, Cecil Beaton, Norman Parkinson and Irving Penn, this isa must if you love portraiture.

 A History of Photography Series and Sequences Victoria and Albert Museum until 1st November. V&A’s internationally renowned collection, which chronicles the history of photography from the 1840s to the present day. In 1852, the V&A became the first museum in the UK to collect photographs and in 1858, the first to hold a photography exhibition.

Would You Like to Understand Your Camera Better? If this applies to you please get in touch. Twice a week I save the time to teach, on a one to one basis, how to understand your camera better and how to achieve professional results. Often this is bought as a gift voucher to present to someone special (like your dad for Father's Day).

Thanks for reading, I'll be back in two weeks with more to share.

Enjoy the sunshine! Bye for now.


SMS Creative Photography Celebrating 18 Years

I've always had a passion for photography and creativity and wanted it to be my career from a very early age. I trained when I left school, with the intention of having my own business to share my passion. I was given the opportunity through adversity, to realise this dream and I wasn't going to let it pass me by.  With 3 young children in tow the journey has been creative, educational, challenging and most of all very rewarding. On 10th February 1997 I opened the doors to SMS Creative Photography at 83 Station Road East, Oxted.  Thanks to the local community and beyond, I have enjoyed a growing business ever since.

Where It Started

All of this started on film, either 35mm or medium format negatives. This restricted me to either 12 exposures on the medium format with my trusted Hasselblad or 24 and 36 exposures with my Nikon F1 bodies. If I wanted to shoot in colour and black and white I had to use 2 camera bodies, one for each type of film and wait a few days before I got to see the end result. I had to rely on my technical and creative ability to get it right first time, which looking back, was the best training, because it became instinctive. I was very careful not to waste an exposure and to think fast and not to miss the moment.

How times have changed. If someone had told me that within three years of opening I would be shooting digital images, would be able to see the image on the back of the camera, copy images without loss of quality - I would have thought they were joking.

When I was introduced to digital photography I was reluctant to use it, I still shot with film and did a little digital to try it out. How wrong was I!  Within a couple of years I went completely digital for quality and convenience, and as they say, the rest is history. Although film has it's place, digital photography is a fantastic medium, for the freedom it gives to be able to share and archive and without doubt, post production.

What the past has taught me is how precious time is, you don't get a second chance to preserve those special moments in life that so may of us take for granted.

Then and Now

The photograph below on the left was taken on 1st March 1997 for a first birthday and was the first shoot I did in the studio, the one beside it taken last month.


The video below is a short show reel we've prepared to share some of those moments from the archives - 'Then and Now'.

Were you, or someone you know amongst the many families photographed in the early days? Do get in touch, be lovely to hear from you and reproduce your photograph.

'Guess Where In Oxted' photographic competition.

To encourage your children to be more visually aware I have created a competition, 'Guess Where In Oxted' to guess where an obscure photograph has been taken in and around the town. Children can take part if their infant and junior school in Oxted is participating. The competition can be completed during half term week 14 - 22 February. The schools taking part are, Limpsfield CE Infant, Downs Way, St. Peter's, St. Mary's, Holland and Hazelwood. The schools will issue the entry forms via their newsletter. First prize is a camera (suitable for the age of the winner) with a lesson on how to use it and studio sittings for 2nd and 3rd prizes. Please click on the photograph below to find out more.


Thanks for reading, I'll be back in two weeks time to let you know about our 18th birthday cake on Saturday 14 February to join our celebration.

Bye for now.