Photography Masterclasses with Stella Scordellis

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Photography Masterclasses with Stella Scordellis

you know it makes sense…

Do you keep putting off when to find the time to learn how to use your camera or who to go to?

Now is your opportunity to enjoy a one to one or small group masterclass with me so I can share with you my expert knowledge and teach you how to use your camera so you don’t have to feel daunted by all the technical jargon and countless options on your camera.

My mantra is ‘keep it simple’ - so you can capture the moment and reflect on the images you have made.

So often nowadays the camera of choice is the camera we all have on our smart phones, it’s simple, point and shoot and you’re ready for a spot of post production at the touch of a few preset actions and you’re done! What could be easier, which is so true, but if you are looking for a few steps above this then I’m the man (or rather woman) for the job!

Whether it’s for you, a friend, a family member, a loved one, or a child over the age of 14 years I can make a difference.

I tailor each class to the specific needs of the individual - you could be a business owner who wants to be able to take great images for your social media or your products or have a holiday booked and want to learn how to get great holiday images - whoever you are and whatever you want to learn please do ask.

I have taught teenagers whose parents have felt they are under achieving at school and don’t get the praise or recognition they crave and have found through their love of photography they can excel at something, one or two of them have pursued a career in the craft and are doing very well, it’s very rewarding for me to see this happen.

Although my schedule is a busy one, I do enjoy passing on my knowledge and teaching others to enjoy something I can call my career and passion - so go on, you know it makes sense - to book a time and day call me at the studio on 01883 722282, by email as below or at the studio if you’re passing by.



Time to say goodbye to feeling confused about your camera!

Time to say goodbye to feeling confused about your camera!

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Photography Masterclass Experiences - the Ideal Christmas Gift

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When I’m not out and about on commissions, I like to reserve some time to pass on some of my expertise and knowledge, to offer one to one photography masterclasses to help others understand their camera better to achieve the best photographs.

I use to teach a group of aspiring photographers with different abilities and cameras, but found it more beneficial to tailor a masterclass experience to individuals, to offer tuition specific to each of their needs, knowledge and camera.

I have found two hours is sufficient to start with to understand the basic theory, and to put this into practice so it becomes more familiar. I always begin on manual mode so the photographer takes control of the camera and not the other way round!

To buy a personalised voucher, festively gift boxed for yourself or a loved one, do get in touch on 01883 722282 - prices start from just £185 - click on the ‘learn more’ button below to see your options.


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Bonhams London to Brighton Veteran Car Run - 4 November 2018

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On the morning of Sunday 4 November I arrived at Madeira Drive, Brighton to photograph the arrivals of the carriages that travelled the 60-mile journey from Hyde Park London to Brighton.

More than 400 drivers and their passengers set off at 06.59am with the first one arriving at the finishing line at 10.23am.

To read more about my day photographing at the world famous Bonhams London to Brighton Veteran Car Run supported by Hiscox, simply click on the ‘Read More’ button below which will redirect you to my automotive and lifestyle website - ‘Stella’ which this event comes under.

Thank you!



The Bull Inn Limpsfield a Fabulous Renovation


In late 2017, when the opportunity to buy Limpsfield's historic village pub The Bull Inn presented itself, a group of entrepreneurial locals set up Enterprising Limpsfield Limited, as a community-driven investment opportunity for locals to create a new business concept and be part of something amazing.   

Fast forward to mid-October 2018 and it looks like the locals have invested wisely - renovation is near completion and the new venture is due to open in November 2018. Something really very special has been created, a wonderful community “pub-hub" to promote local food, drink, innovation and to support other locally-owned small businesses and the community in general. 

I have been working with the project manager to photograph a few key elements before the pub officially opens to introduce their new website. I’m looking forward to continuing to create new visual content as this exciting social environment unfolds over the coming months.

The website is nearly finished and will have an online reservation diary, but in the meantime this link takes you to the holding page with the opening hours and contact information.

There is still time to invest and to be a part of this enterprising opportunity, you’ll be joining over two hundred others, to find out more please contact Enterprising Limpsfield for further information

The Bull Inn Limpsfield - a wonderful place to eat, drink and socialise in a carefully considered and relaxing space in our wonderful and picturesque town called Limpsfield. .



The Classic Motor Hub Coffee & Classics Day


On Sunday 7 October I was invited by The Classic Motor Hub in Bibury, Gloucestershire to be a part of their final Coffee & Classics event of the year, and what a fabulous event it was!

To read about this, simply click the 'Read More' button below which will redirect you to my automotive and lifestyle photography website - 'Stella' - which this event comes under.

Thank you!



Sergey Sirotkin 'Under the Helmet'


Last month I was commissioned to photograph Sergey Sirotkin at the Silverstone British Grand Prix, to read about this, simply click the 'Read More' button below which will redirect you to my automotive and lifestyle photography website - 'Stella' - which this commission comes under. Thank you!