First Photograph of 2016

With the new year in full swing, people filled with motivation and resolutions for a prosperous and healthy year. One thing I always look forward to is the first picture of the year, it's the starting place for me.This studio shoot of Jess and Jack is particularly poignant, I've known their mum for over 12 years (when she first met their dad), capturing their joyful journey, engagement, wedding... The below iPhone pictures lead you to the one I took.

From Start 'Come on Jack, give your sister a kiss and cuddle'.


For all camera gurus and enthusiast, I used a Nikon D750 body with a Nikon 50mm lens with a wide open aperture to create that lovely shallow depth of field. This particular fixed-focus lens is one I have owned since I started my career in photography in the 70s, you have to manually focus it so I had to be super quick.


To Finish ahh, so cute, a lovely expression of sibling love, makes my heart melt. I love the relationships I have with my customers, watching their families grow and evolve and to welcome new families too.


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Thanks for reading.