Oxted Gasholder - Courtyard Gardens Build - September 2019

On the left the auger on the piling rig that drills out the ground to make way for the concrete.

On the left the auger on the piling rig that drills out the ground to make way for the concrete.

Welcome to my September blog about the St William (part of the Berekely Homes Group), housing development for 111 luxury apartments at the former gasholder site here in Oxted.

Regular readers of my blogs will be aware that since January this year I have been photographing the demolition of the gasholder and the start of the building process to visually document the history for posterity, due for completion summer 2021.

Each month I am given access to the site, accompanied by Assistant Site Manager, Ness Kingham who escorts me and tells me about the progress since my last visit. I am always fascinated by the processes and developments, I have learnt so much!

This is just the beginning of the building process of 3 blocks - A, B and C where the sheet piling has taken place and bearing piles on block C on the former Johnsdale car park are complete.

Over 5500m3 of soil has been removed from the site to date, that’s the equivalent volume of more than two Olympic sized swimming pools! The removal of the contaminated earth resulting from the former gasworks is also complete.

The photographs on this blog were taken on Monday 16 September 2019 and tell the story with captions on each image. I have watched an auger drill into the ground and deposit concrete for the bearing piles to take place, read on to find out more.

Each image has a caption on describing the processes.

The auger is a fascinating piece of machinery and capable of so much very efficiently.

To read previous blogs please click this link, this is blog number 9.

Each time I visit the site so much has changed, it really is beginning to take shape for the next stage of the building process.

Thank you for reading this recent blog, I hope you have found it interesting. I’ll be back in November with an update from my October visit.

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See you next month!



The Importance of a Professional Headshot by Stella Scordellis

Jupp Colour - Digital.jpg

I am often asked why is it so important to get the right headshot.

If you want to be taken seriously in the competitive professional world to attract suitable clients, then you have to look approachable and professional in your headshot, taken by a professional who understands the process of creating this.

I have been photographing people for over 40 years, for so many different reasons and occasions. From wedding days to the birth of a new arrival, from first days at school to graduations and so the story of life goes.

In this day and age, it’s all too easy to get a friend to take a photograph on a phone or perhaps fumble around and do it yourself, but that’s not what it’s about, it’s about capturing the professional you.

The wrong smile, tilt of the head or expression in your eyes can all give a different meaning to the one you wish to convey. My experience and relaxed approach will help you feel comfortable during your photo-shoot.

Follow this link to the headshot part of the website and this link to location headshots.

Your photo-shoot can either take place at your home, workplace or my pop-up studio at various locations in Oxted. To make a booking email me at stella@smscreativephotgraphy.co.uk or call on 01883 722282.




The Art of Picture Framing by Stella Scordellis

SMS Creative Photography - Carters 1 Watermarked.jpg

Believe it or not, there is an art to picture framing - be it cherished photographs, valued artworks, limited editions, canvases and treasured needlepoints, documents or even a priceless signed premier league football shirt.

It can be too easy to just use any old frame that’s to hand or something ready-made that doesn’t quite fit for now with the intention to change it at a later date, which never seems to come…

This is where the art of picture framing comes in and my professional and creative eye, which intuitively knows what works best to display your artworks for your home or workspace.

Part of my work as a photographer is the presentation of the images I create and by using this skill it has taken me further afield to work with you for your personal or commercial artworks for framing.

For over 20 years I have collaborated with a team of skilled craftspeople to deliver a bespoke picture framing service to suit your lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be the photographs you have commissioned me to take, it can be anything that you value and feel deserve the best presentation, from contemporary to traditional and anything in-between.

Simply call me on 01883 722282 or email stella@smscreativephotography.co.uk to arrange for me to visit you at your home or workplace for a one-off piece or more. I’ll come equipped with a variety of frame mouldings, mount card colours, Art Glass and lots of creativity to take the pressure away from you.

This link to the Picture Framing section on the website tells you a little more.

Thank you.


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Oxted Gasholder - Courtyard Gardens Build - August 2019

Safety barriers above the sheet piling at the Courtyard Gardens Site, Oxted.

Safety barriers above the sheet piling at the Courtyard Gardens Site, Oxted.

Welcome to my August blog about the progress of the St William, Courtyard Gardens development here in Oxted for 111 luxury apartments.

This should have been published over a week ago but due to my business premises relocation this has taken a back seat and now that the holiday period is over I thought it best to publish it now when you have more time to read it as well.

The photographs below tell you more about the story with the captions on each image.

Every time I return to the site I can see the progress that has been made and this month was no exception. It was clear to see all the sheet piling had been inserted and the ground had been excavated for the underground car park to take shape. There was also still evidence of the rim of the demolished gasholder, which was interesting to see.

This blog is the eighth one in the series, the first one was published in January when the demolition of the gasholder started to take place. To follow the story of the progress and to read the previous blogs please follow this link to the Blog pages on the website and select the ones you would like to read.

Three separate blocks are being built with an underground car park - Blocks A, B, and C. To see a model of the finished development call into the offices of Robert Leech Estate Agents in Oxted and opposite my former studio in Station Road East, it’s well worth a visit, it’s an interactive model, not quite one you can walk into but it does tell you a lot about each of the flats available to purchase.

I always have a sense of wonderment when I photograph on site, it’s the sheer scale of the development, although Ness Kingham the Site Manager who accompanies me during the visits, assures me this is one of the smaller developments compared to the vast ones they work on in London.

Fascinating to watch all the elements slowly come together. My visit this month took place on Tuesday 20 August 2019 as a point of reference.

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I’ll be back later this month with the September update progress of the site.

Thanks for reading.



A New Chapter for SMS Creative Photography...

The Investment Boutique - Oxted

The Investment Boutique - Oxted

Hello and welcome to my August Newsletter about a new chapter for SMS Creative Photography...

This month has absolutely flown by with moving out of my lovely high street premises after 23 years I finally closed the doors for one last time on 13th August, it really is amazing how much stuff there is to move, even when I had been moving boxes out weeks before! I was in denial about how much you actually do accumulate over time, both emotionally and physically. Well, that's all done now and I'm settling into my home production office whilst an exciting new business makes its home at 83 Station Road East, Oxted.

The photograph above is of The Investment Boutique in Oxted, more about this to come.

My usual blog about my monthly visit to photograph the progress of the building development at the former gas holder site has had to take a back seat this month and will feature as a joint one next month. I have also photographed other exciting commissions in August that will feature via blogs in the coming months too.

Thank you very much for your good wishes during the last few weeks. I know I'm going to miss you calling into the studio but I am only just a phone call or email away for enquiries or commissions, such as family photographs of special occasions, get-togethers, landmark anniversaries and birthdays or just because you want to, all in the comfort of your home and garden or the local woodlands and vineyards.

Alternatively, we can meet at The Investment Boutique just up the road from my former premises and opposite the Little Waitrose store, where I have very kindly been given the use of one of their comfortable meeting rooms to discuss any projects you may have in mind.

Feel free to call or email me on 01883 722282 or stella@smscreativephotography.co.uk for portrait sittings, professional headshots, location photo-shoots or any other projects or artwork picture framing.

I look forward to keeping in touch and do visit the websites for more information smscreativephotography.co.uk and stellascordellis.com

Bye for now...



British Grand Prix 2019 - Formula 2 - 'Chasing the Dream'

Stella Scordellis -BGP F2 1771.jpg

This year at the British Grand Prix I had the pleasure of photographing the stills during the making of a four part documentary about the young and aspiring Formula 2 drivers called ‘Chasing the Dream’ due to air at the end of August on F1TV, it will then be available on other platforms which are to be confirmed.

The idea for the documentary is the brainchild of Martin Turner, former head of F1 Sky Sports and Sky Europe - keen to tell the story about the often forgotten Formula 2 championship and the journey the young drivers take to realise their dreams to become Formula 1 racing drivers and world champions - working with Rory Child from Golden Child TV, Martin is making this a reality.

To read more about this exciting commission click on the ‘Read More’ button below which redirects you to my automotive and lifestyle photography ‘Stella’ website where this blog is based.

Thank you!