Professional Headshots


First impressions count more than ever before in our fast, online, social media driven age. Make sure that yours is a great one!

Come and visit us at SMS Creative Photography where we offer a professional Headshot’s service. Relax in our friendly studio, feeling at ease, while we capture the best of you.

In addition, we work with many businesses to offer a variety of options for creative staff profiles, websites, end of year reports or to adorn the walls of the boardroom. This link will tell you more, but please feel free to call the studio on 01883 722282 so we can craft a photo-shoot exclusively tailored to you and your business.



Father's Day - Exclusive Art

Why are dad's often the hardest member of the family to buy for? When they say they don't want anything, of course they don't mean it! So, what do you buy for Father's Day?

In the lead-up to Father's Day on Sunday 17 June, we are exclusively offering framed photographs from our highly acclaimed 'A Drive Down Memory Lane' Exhibition, a captivating collection of the finest classic and supercar photography.

'A Drive Down Memory Lane' is a collection of forty-four exclusive photographs, featuring some of the rarest and most sought after cars in the world from 1912 - 2014.  Each photo is available framed, and limited to just twenty-five of each image, from the exhibition.

This unique offer allows you to spoil your dad with a piece of limited edition art. For any special car lover, this complete surprise will be treasured for many years to come.

For more information please email, or come into our studio to hear more.



The London Motor Show 2018

The London Motor Show is famed for celebrating the very best cars for enthusiasts, media, VIPs and even royalty. This year's event was no exception, with F1 drivers, influential business figures, lively debate and of course beautiful cars. Click the 'Read More' button below to find out more about my experience and to view a selection of my favourite photographs from the event.

The link directs you to my 'Stella' website which focuses on car events, lifestyle and classic and supercar photography.



Stella's Photography Tips: Depth of Field


'Depth of field' is the area in your photograph that is in focus from the nearest point to the furthest.

Sometimes we may choose to have an image that is sharp throughout, showing the foreground with the same focus as the background. Alternatively, we can choose to separate the subject from the background by using a shallow depth-of-field to achieve this. Here are my tips to achieve this:

1. Select the correct lens. I would normally chose a 70-200mm - the longer the focal length the shallower the depth-of-field.

2. Use a wide aperture - f2.8 or f4 works best.

3. Position your subject at least two metres away from the background to separate the two. The further away your subject is from the background, the more out of focus the background will be.

4. Adjust your shutter speed and ISO accordingly to get the best exposure. Remember not to go below 1/60th to avoid camera shake.

5. The closer you are to your subject, the shallower your depth of field will be. If you are two meters from a subject and shooting at f/2.8 with your 70mm lens, you may get 10cm of depth to your focus. With the same lens and aperture at 10 meters, you may get 100cm of depth.

6. If you are looking to create soft backgrounds with a less than optimal lens such at a 16mm prime, get really close to your subject to achieve the desired results of shallow depth-of-field.

7. Always experiment with different lenses to achieve a variety of results using different subjects.



Meet the Team: Ben


Following on from the last 'Meet the Team' with Stella, this time Jo Hackerspeaks to Ben about his role within SMS Creative Photography.

Q. What did you want to be when you were at school?

Funny thing is that it wasn't that long ago that I was at school! In fact the majority of my friends still are. Therefore since 2010 photography has been my obsession! I can't imagine a future without photography or retouching playing some part in it.

Q. How did you start working for SMS Creative Photography?

About six months after finishing college my Tutor emailed me a job description that Stella had sent him and asked whether it was something I was interested in. That next day I walked into the SMS Creative Photography studio laptop in hand with examples of my work and asked for the job. 

Q. What is your role at SMS Creative Photography?

As a Digital Artist, my responsibilities include retouching and the finishing and printing of any photographs.  It is important that I always get the detail right!  I am also responsible for web design and maintenance, graphic design and liaising with customers.

Q. Please can you describe a typical day for you?

There is rarely a moment when I find myself without at least one image open in Photoshop! I also manage the daily communication of our services to customers through a combination of design and technology on the various platforms that we use. No two days are the same -  we cover everything from the restoration of old photographs, studio photographs of Meissen porcelain, family studio and location photo-shoots as well as headshots. Every image we create in the studio passes through me for finishing.

Q. Who are your favourite photographers?

I'm always returning to Frederic Schlosser's website to see what projects he is working on. I also keep up to date with what Taylor James is doing in the commercial space but at the top of my list is the surreal photographer, Erik Johansson. In my opinion, nothing compares to his ideas and the execution of the imagery he produces.

Q. What one piece of advice would you give to a budding new photographer?

Do something different, look at what everyone else is doing and then run in completely the opposite direction.

Q. What three words would you use to describe SMS Creative Photography?

Passionate. Committed. Dynamic.


2018 Bluebell Round Up


Our Bluebell photo-shoots in April and May are always one of my highlights, taking place in local ancient woodlands and private gardens where these wonderful wild flowers are in abundance. We always tread carefully so as not to unsettle them, treating them with the respect they deserve by sticking to pathways and exposed fallen trees.

This year I was lucky enough to photograph many families, some returning and some new, to capture precious family moments against this vivid backdrop of bright colour. Due to this year's extreme weather, the bluebells were late to flower but when they did arrive they came out in full force, with a huge rainfall helping to create an impressive crop just in time for the May bank holiday.

Here are a few of the photographs from this year. If this spurs you on to look ahead to next year please get in contact so we can book you a slot. Before next year, we are now looking forward to our meadow photo-shoots in late June and early July which are also proving to be very popular since we introduced them in 2016.