Are You Getting The Best Out Of Your Camera This Summer?

The summer time is a good time of year to understand how to get the best out of your camera. Especially if you feel your camera controls you. With digital cameras being so sophisticated it's worth getting back to basics, do you remember when all you had to think about was:-

1. Putting film in your camera. 2. What shutter speed should I choose. 3. Which aperture should I use. 4. Focus and shoot.

It isn't too different now, just remember to set your camera to M for manual so you can take control.

With automatic focus this is something you don't have to worry about, these few simple tips will set you on your way.

Fisherman walking along Barbados beach1
Light Metre Display

A very useful tool to use is your lightmetre, you'll see this displayed at the bottom of your view finder, it is so helpful, just make sure the arrow is around the centre 0, by adjusting your shutter speed and aperture. It will look something like the diagram above. A good starting point on a cloudy day is F8 (aperture) at 1/125 (shutter speed) with your ISO set to 400 or use auto setting for this. The picture below shows what your histogram looks like on the back of your camera, a useful tool to check your exposure, a peak similar to the below shows an evenly exposed image.


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Enjoy the weekend, I'll be back in two weeks time with more news. Bye for now!