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Celebrating 21 Years of SMS Creative Photography 'In Five' Photographs

To celebrate 21 years of my SMS Creative studio, I have picked my five favourite shots. It was a difficult task, so here goes! 


Girls in front of String Quartet.

I took this photograph at a wedding in 1999 of a little girl who was running around until she came across this wonderful string quartet where she stood mesmerised, giving me the perfect photo opportunity.


Husband and wife on Mother’s Day.

I was commissioned by this couple’s daughter to make a surprise appearance at a family gathering on Mother’s Day five years ago. I just love this photograph because it shows a wonderful moment between husband and wife in their garden - their expressions say it all.


Twins together at Christmas.

These twin sisters I photographed in 1998, aged four, were so close and their unique understanding of each other comes through so clearly in this image to make it a beautiful expression of their partnership.


Little girl behind the flowers.

I photographed this adorable little girl in 2016 with her three brothers at home in their garden with beautiful spring flowers. After photographing her with her brothers we had a little walk around the garden. This photograph wasn’t posed, she just peeked through the flowers and this is the result! I loved it from the moment I clicked the shutter.


The Queens Golden Jubilee June 2012.

This photograph outside Buckingham Palace was the result of me waiting amongst the crowds for over three hours on the Mall for the Royal procession to catch a precious glimpse of the Royals. After the procession, I was jostled along with the crowd and found myself in prime position to take this photograph, at the same time as a Red Arrows Fly Past!  On the balcony are the Queen, Prince William, Kate, Prince Charles, Camilla and Prince Harry.



Celebrating 21 Years of SMS Creative Photography

Now, onto 2018. I am already working on so many new projects that it is difficult to know where to start!  I always look at the New Year as a blank canvas for my business, where I take time to consider new ventures and inspiration. 

The first important milestone for 2018 is the celebration of a very special anniversary. On Saturday 10 February, it will be 21 years since I opened my SMS Creative Photography studio on Oxted high street. I am proud to have served the Oxted community for 21 years and would like to invite you to raise a glass with me, if you are in the area on the 10th.   

Of course, during this time we have seen so much change. What has remained the same, however, is our united passion for our family and our friends, and our enjoyment of sharing and celebrating special moments. I look forward to being here for you all for another 21 years!



'The year that was, 2017'

2017 was a year full of surprises for me at SMS Creative Photography. Alongside the many portraits I captured in my studio on Oxted high street, I was also privileged to be invited into the lives of many wonderful families, to document their treasured moments, in a setting special to them.

As I look back, the photoshoots that stick in my mind are; beautiful twin girls against a backdrop of magnificent bluebell woods, a teenage girl in a stunning woodland setting with Pre-Raphaelite inspiration and a lively day with three generations of the same family. I am proud to say I have been working with this family since I first started my business almost 21 years ago! It has been a joy to see them thrive during this time, and it gives me such satisfaction to preserve their memories for future generations to enjoy.  


If 2017 was a year that was rewarding professionally, it was also memorable for my family. On the Friday before Christmas, my son arrived for a surprise visit from Australia! It was truly the best present any mother could receive.

Looking ahead, I am now excited by what 2018 will bring. I have many plans afoot, some which I can share with you now.



Your Family Location Photo-Shoot

Location photo-shoots are always popular, any time of year, now that we are coming to the end of a very chilly winter and the longer spring warmer days are on the horizon the diary is filling up.

Photographing in the studio is predictable, as light and backgrounds can be controlled. However I always like the challenge of family locations photo-shoots as I never know quite what to expect regarding the lighting and the choice of backdrop.

Your Family Location Photo-Shoot 2.jpg

Just before Christmas I went to a particularly inviting location, a stunning house and garden to match, to photograph 3 teenage girls with their lovely mum.

It wasn't the garden or the house I chose to photograph in, as I wandered down the garden I found their greenhouse to be a hidden gem. 

The early morning light was just right and I think you'll agree the interior is charming, with an English country garden feel, I just couldn't resist!

Your Family Location Photo-Shoot 4.jpg
Your Family Location Photo-Shoot 5.jpg

I used a gold reflector to fill in the shadows on their faces which worked a treat. The mix of burnished copper leaves and dark pink flowers worked perfectly with the monochrome colours the family wore.

As usual my choice of lens was my Nikon f2.8 70-200mm

Your Family Location Photo-Shoot 3.jpg

I'm finding family locations photo-shoots popular as gift vouchers for Mother's Day, special birthdays - especially grandparents with their children and grandchildren, this link to our website shows you more.

Your Family Location Photo-Shoot 3.jpg

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Bye for now, with love


and the SMS Creative Photography Family

From Camera To Wall - Part Four - Viewing Session and Choosing What's Best For You

Welcome to part four in a series of six newsletters 'From Camera - Wall'

Following on from the previous newsletter Photographing on Location & Equipment Used,

we are now exploring the 'Viewing Session and Choosing What's Best For You'.


A week or so after your location shoot you are invited into the comfort of our studio for a presentation of the photographs. An hour is set aside to go through the images to select your favourites, don't worry I have already done the first edit.

A number of images are shown on the screen so a comparison can be made and shuffled into different folders of preference. The images below give an idea of what to expect.


A selection of images to choose your favourites from...


a variety of templates to help choose which works best for you...


Depending on how you choose to display your photographs, either for yourself or as a gift, different layouts, papers, glass, frames and acrylic finishes are suggested to suit you.


different ways to display four different photographs...


a single image can work just as well...


compare an example of colour to black and white before deciding...

The above is all done prior to skilled in-house post production, which will feature in Part Five - 'Editing and Post Production'.


and there is a variety of frames to choose from.

Please join me in two weeks time to learn a little more about the process 'From Camera to Wall'.

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now.


From Camera to Wall - Part One - Framing and Hanging

In the modern day, the perception of a photograph has changed with the advent of the life altering device that lives in all of our pockets, the mobile phone. With the benefits of a sense of consistent connection to all, but more appropriately the speed and ease of photography. Photographs now have a very different meaning, or do they?

We can all still admire the end result of a professional photograph hanging on a wall, but do we really know what it takes to get to this stage? I'm unsure we do, let me take this opportunity to unveil just what this process entails.

Starting in reverse order, with the final stage first - Framing and Hanging - part one in a series of six fortnightly newsletters. Over the coming weeks, demystifying the steps we take from 'Camera to Wall’.


From Camera to Wall Comp 1

Once you have selected the frame you'd like to showcase your photograph in, we work closely with master craftsmen we trust to achieve first class results. The wooden mouldings are made in England and Italy in a wide range of finishes. Each photograph is dry mounted to keep flat with an overlay mount if preferred, then sealed in the frame to prevent moisture and dust from seeping in.

We recommend using Art Glass, to cut reflection by 99% and to reveal the true colours of the photograph that ordinary glass doesn't. For work that is being transported abroad, acrylic instead of glass is a must, it's lightweight and shatter proof.

Nothing passes quality control until every join and cut is inspected to pass our strict attention to detail. We even make sure each piece has it's own certificate of authenticity added to the back, this shows which frame and mount card was used and the date the photograph was taken on, just to remind you in years to come.


From Camera to Wall Comp 2
From Camera to Wall 2

We also offer a service to deliver to your home or work premises, and to hang your photographs, so easy to get this part wrong. I oversee the hanging process using a trusted gallerist, who comes equipped with the correct tools for the job, including a laser line level, so vertically and horizontally everything is spot on, no more left a bit down a bit! Always a pleasure to see the end result and happy customers.

Please join me in two weeks time for Part Two - Meeting the Customer and Planning the Shoot.

Bye for now.