Celebrating 21 Years of SMS Creative Photography 'In Five' Photographs

To celebrate 21 years of my SMS Creative studio, I have picked my five favourite shots. It was a difficult task, so here goes! 


Girls in front of String Quartet.

I took this photograph at a wedding in 1999 of a little girl who was running around until she came across this wonderful string quartet where she stood mesmerised, giving me the perfect photo opportunity.


Husband and wife on Mother’s Day.

I was commissioned by this couple’s daughter to make a surprise appearance at a family gathering on Mother’s Day five years ago. I just love this photograph because it shows a wonderful moment between husband and wife in their garden - their expressions say it all.


Twins together at Christmas.

These twin sisters I photographed in 1998, aged four, were so close and their unique understanding of each other comes through so clearly in this image to make it a beautiful expression of their partnership.


Little girl behind the flowers.

I photographed this adorable little girl in 2016 with her three brothers at home in their garden with beautiful spring flowers. After photographing her with her brothers we had a little walk around the garden. This photograph wasn’t posed, she just peeked through the flowers and this is the result! I loved it from the moment I clicked the shutter.


The Queens Golden Jubilee June 2012.

This photograph outside Buckingham Palace was the result of me waiting amongst the crowds for over three hours on the Mall for the Royal procession to catch a precious glimpse of the Royals. After the procession, I was jostled along with the crowd and found myself in prime position to take this photograph, at the same time as a Red Arrows Fly Past!  On the balcony are the Queen, Prince William, Kate, Prince Charles, Camilla and Prince Harry.