Your Family Location Photo-Shoot

Location photo-shoots are always popular, any time of year, now that we are coming to the end of a very chilly winter and the longer spring warmer days are on the horizon the diary is filling up.

Photographing in the studio is predictable, as light and backgrounds can be controlled. However I always like the challenge of family locations photo-shoots as I never know quite what to expect regarding the lighting and the choice of backdrop.

Your Family Location Photo-Shoot 2.jpg

Just before Christmas I went to a particularly inviting location, a stunning house and garden to match, to photograph 3 teenage girls with their lovely mum.

It wasn't the garden or the house I chose to photograph in, as I wandered down the garden I found their greenhouse to be a hidden gem. 

The early morning light was just right and I think you'll agree the interior is charming, with an English country garden feel, I just couldn't resist!

Your Family Location Photo-Shoot 4.jpg
Your Family Location Photo-Shoot 5.jpg

I used a gold reflector to fill in the shadows on their faces which worked a treat. The mix of burnished copper leaves and dark pink flowers worked perfectly with the monochrome colours the family wore.

As usual my choice of lens was my Nikon f2.8 70-200mm

Your Family Location Photo-Shoot 3.jpg

I'm finding family locations photo-shoots popular as gift vouchers for Mother's Day, special birthdays - especially grandparents with their children and grandchildren, this link to our website shows you more.

Your Family Location Photo-Shoot 3.jpg

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Bye for now, with love


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