Stella’s Photography Tips


Introducing....’Stella’s Photography Tips’

If you would like more advice to help you understand your camera one to one, I offer masterclasses tailored to suit your knowledge and ability. Alternatively, you can take a class with a friend.

  1. Get used to operating your camera in manual mode. Once you are familiar with this then you will have the confidence to use shutter priority or aperture priority.
  2. In manual mode you can choose the ISO, shutter speed and aperture to control the desired exposure.
  3. Aperture priority is how the photographer sets the aperture. This is in the lens and operates like the iris of the eye. Make it larger to let more light in and smaller to allow less light in. Once this is set the camera then adapts the shutter speed to allow the correct exposure.
  4. Shutter priority is how the photographer sets the correct shutter speed.  The camera automatically sets the correct aperture for the correct exposure.
  5. On both of the above, automatic ISO can be selected, or set at the desired setting to suit the lighting conditions, such as 200 for bright sunny day, 400 for overcast and 1600 for low lighting.
  6. At Spring time on a sunny day I suggest using ISO 400 - Shutter speed 125 – with the aperture set at f11.  Use this as a starting point and adapt the shutter speed and aperture accordingly to get the desired exposure.