In Conversation with W.W. Warner...


W.W. Warner Antiques are a wonderful local business, sourcing beautiful antique porcelain and glass from around the world. In this ‘In Conversation With…’ read on for insights and tips from Managing Partner, Chris Jowitt.

Chris Jowitt, Managing Partner, has been dealing in Porcelain for over 25 years, during which time he has helped to develop great collections as well as introduce many new clients to the wonderful world of collecting. Here he explains how he became an antique dealer, what he loves about our area, and the future trends he expects for the year ahead.

1.  How did you become a porcelain dealer?

I always had an interest in collecting precious items, from a young age.  Through my family I had a connection with the industry and I have been working as a dealer ever since. 

2.  What do you love most about our local area?

It has to be the diversity of beautiful things around us to see, from rolling hills to picturesque villages . 

3.  What trends do you predict in 2018?

I predict that, people will continue to seek out the very best purchases for them.  Buying the best is a trend that always pays dividends.

4.  Where can we buy a piece of porcelain? 

From my shop!  We can source the finest antique porcelain and glass from around the world.

5.  What else would you like to tell us about your business?  

As well as offering many unique products through our shop, we advise major collections and museums worldwide on porcelain.  This is another part of my job, and one that I love.  We can also arrange restoration and conservation of precious items, and valuations for a treasured possession you may be curious about. 

This interview follows on from our 'Local Business Showcase' in February.

W.W. Warner can be found in Brasted, Kent.

Photograph above: An extremely rare Meissen Johann Frederich Böttger Hausmalerie teapot and cover of compressed globular form painted in red monochrome. With gilded fluted moulding around the cover, rim and foot. The chain is solid gold. Porcelain dates to c1720 with the decoration slightly later.