Mother's Day Gift - Exclusive Bluebell Photoshoot

Surprise your mum with a Mother’s Day voucher to enjoy with the family next month!

Surprise your mum with a Mother’s Day voucher to enjoy with the family next month!

The bluebells are beginning to flower and soon the woodlands will be filled with a carpet of fragrant smelling wonderful wild flowers.

This is one of our most popular times of year, with exciting photo-shoots for returning families and to welcome new ones too.

Try not to miss this opportunity because the bluebells are in flower for only a limited time and are at their best for no more than two to three weeks, from past experience this is usually late April early May but does vary depending on the weather.

It’s time to enjoy the experience of a bluebell photo-shoot so do get in touch so I can reserve your time and place - simply call the studio on 01883 722282 or even better come and say hello at the studio, our opening hours as below.

We can personalise a gift voucher just for your mum to let her know just how special and valued she is, go on you know she’ll love it!

Follow this link to our ‘Bluebells’ page where you can find out more.


Tuesday-Friday 10 am - 5 pm and Saturday 10 am - 3 pm

Thank you I look forward to photographing you!



Christmas is Coming - Spoil the Ones You Love


With only 12 weeks to go until Christmas Day now is the time to either book to have your family photographed to give beautiful photographs to loved ones as a gift, or to buy them a gift voucher, so they can redeem it against a fabulous experience in the new year for one of our locations photo-shoots.

Depending on the time of year, they can choose from a variety of different locations, including their own garden if they wish. The places we currently photograph at are — the woodlands during spring time when the bluebells are abundant, a stunning private meadow for a brief period of time during the summer, an exclusive and tranquil vineyard from March to November, or the woodlands during autumn and winter time, to capture the golden light and burnished cooper colours.

With all this to look forward to a gift voucher is a fun experience for all the family to enjoy next year. Or now that we are officially in autumn and if you are ready to enjoy a family photo-shoot, then please call us at the studio to book your woodland shoot or to order a personalised Christmas gift voucher on 01883 722282.



2018 Bluebell Round Up


Our Bluebell photo-shoots in April and May are always one of my highlights, taking place in local ancient woodlands and private gardens where these wonderful wild flowers are in abundance. We always tread carefully so as not to unsettle them, treating them with the respect they deserve by sticking to pathways and exposed fallen trees.

This year I was lucky enough to photograph many families, some returning and some new, to capture precious family moments against this vivid backdrop of bright colour. Due to this year's extreme weather, the bluebells were late to flower but when they did arrive they came out in full force, with a huge rainfall helping to create an impressive crop just in time for the May bank holiday.

Here are a few of the photographs from this year. If this spurs you on to look ahead to next year please get in contact so we can book you a slot. Before next year, we are now looking forward to our meadow photo-shoots in late June and early July which are also proving to be very popular since we introduced them in 2016.



Time to Book Your 2018 Bluebell Photo-Shoot...


Beautiful Bluebell Photo-Shoots

As the bluebells begin to bloom, join me for a memorable photo occasion, with your family and friends.

I am delighted to report that a magical time of year is almost upon us, as the beautiful bluebells begin to bloom in our local ancient Surrey Woodlands.

Each year I use this wonderfully rich backdrop as the scene for exclusive photo-shoots with families and friends. I offer this only when the bluebells are at their very best, and only at certain times of the day to ensure a perfect light. With the right light, it is one of my favourite natural settings.

I am now taking bookings for my bluebell photo-shoots. Please do get in touch to discuss if you are interested on 01883 722282 with further details on our website. This opportunity is only available for a very limited time.


A testimonial from a happy customer last year;

'We booked our first family bluebell photo-shoot with Stella and we were so pleased we did. Stella was so good at putting us all at ease, particularly our 16-month-old daughters. She was able to maintain their attention long enough to capture some fantastic photographs which reflect the girls’ personalities beautifully.

'The whole process was smooth from start to finish and Stella was able to help advise us on photos to combine and how best to display them. We are so pleased with the photos, they are of great quality and are a lovely memory for us all.'


My February inspiration:

This month, I am taking inspiration from the woodlands during the bluebell season, mid- April to early May.


This bluebell area is one of the landscapes featured in a book that I am creating for a local family. 

I love the lighting early in the morning and late afternoon - especially the way it casts a different shade of blue on the bluebells. I tend to go for backlighting so the light is more controllable. 


My favourite lens to use is my trusted Nikon 70-200mm. There is a tranquility amongst the bluebells that I don’t feel at any other times of the year and a wonderful scent which is more prominent in the morning. As a result, the families I photograph always manage to engage with the setting and feel at ease.