Your Bluebell Photoshoot Will Soon Be Here.

Spring is in the air and I can certainly feel it with temperatures set for 14c this weekend, hopefully we can start shedding our winter layers and embrace some warmth in the air.

With this in mind it won’t be too long before I start venturing out on bluebell watch to gauge when our magical woodlands will be ablaze with a carpet of bluebells. The first step is to see when the shoots start appearing as this is a good indicator for when to expect them which is usually late April early May, however I have know them to flower as early as the 4th of April.

Now is the time to reserve your place for a family bluebell photo-shoot experience so I can get in touch nearer the time with a few dates to choose from, try not to delay as they will only be in flower for a short time before they are past their best.

Do get in touch either by calling into the studio, telephoning 01883 722282 or follow this link to find out more to commission your photo-shoot.

Thank you!


SMS Bluebell 38 Watermarked.jpg