From Camera to Wall - Part Two - Meeting the Family and Planning the Shoot

Welcome to Part Two, in a series of six fortnightly newsletters, unraveling the passage we take "From Camera to Wall"

Part one covered Framing and Hanging - today it's - "Meeting the Family or Individual and Planning the Shoot" - a paramount piece of the puzzle to achieve the desired creation. Taking place during an initial relaxed consultation to discuss the purpose of the shoot, be it a special occasion, family get together, leaving the country, gift for relatives, and many other big or small milestones.

Planning the Shoot

Finding the most suitable location makes all the difference to reflect the moment in time, such as a fun family environment or a bustling cityscape to solidify the right tone and emotion.

A location alone may not have meaning, however by simply adding a person or more to the frame naturally creates an emotion.

The images below show a small sample variety of ideas.

Some of the many factors to consider when choosing a location are:-

  • Time of day 
  • Ease of access
  • Camera angle
  • Number of people and animals in the shoot
  • Where the sun is at certain times of day (cloud often works better than harsh sunlight)
  • Wet weather plan
  • Sunny day (back lighting works best)
  • Colour and style of clothes to suit the person, background/location
  • Window/ambient light for inside shoots
  • Composition
  • Professional hair & makeup? (Oh go on!)
  • Time to do the shoot (usually one hour plus)
  • Special permission to use certain places
  • Pathways and foliage to create depth

Please join me in two weeks time for Part Three - "Photo Shoot and Equipment Used" to learn a little more about the process "From Camera to Wall".

Thanks for reading, I hope I've inspired you!

Bye for now.