Bond in Motion London Film Museum

On Monday evening I was invited to enjoy a private view at the London Film Museum, Covent Garden to see the 'Bond in Motion' exhibition. The evening was hosted by Clive from Prestige Promotions for his members to see the largest official collection of original James Bond vehicles ever staged in London.

This exhibition is certainly worth a visit, you can immerse yourself in movie history, I was in my element. The best part for me, other than the cars, was that beside each vehicle you could watch footage from the particular movie it appeared in. I felt like I wanted to go and watch all the movies again from start to finish!

SMS Creative Photography Bond In Motion

Can you guess which movies the above vehicles featured in? Bottom right photograph Serena Gordon and Philip inside the DB5 with the original scene in the background.

Aston Martin DB5

Amongst the cars on display I particularly liked the Aston Martin DB5, this iconic car has appeared in many of the movies, however this particular DB5 was from the 1995 movie 'Golden Eye'. It featured in the chase with a Ferrari 355 in Monte Carlo with James Bond (Piers Brosnan) driving and his passenger Caroline (Serena Gordon). The added bonus to photographing the car was that Serena Gordon came to the event, it was lovely to meet her. I photographed her next to the DB5 and also inside, this time it wasn't with Piers Brosnan but with Philip, who came as a guest and bid £600 to sit next to her in the very seat James Bond once sat in. Serena said it brought back many memories of that eventful journey in Monte Carlo twenty years ago, looks like a hair-raising experience to me! This Youtube link is to that scene. The £600 goes to a charity close to Clive from Prestige Promotions heart, to support three primary schools in Kenya's Masi Mara which is where he hosts their annual Celebration of Wildlife safari in early October when the great migration is heading back from the Masai Mara to the Serengeti.

SMS Creative Photography Bond In motion 1

Above a selection of images I took during the evening, the bottom right photograph from left to right, Clive Thomas, Serena Gordon, Philip (the gentleman who bid £600) and Imogen Stubbs.

Above Clive Thomas and Serena Gordon with the DB5 from the movie 'Golden Eye' and footage on the screen.


Now this one didn't appear in any of the James Bond movies, but it can be yours.

Thanks for reading, I'll be back in two weeks with more news. Enjoy the sunshine!

Bye for now.