Location Photography

2018 Bluebell Round Up


Our Bluebell photo-shoots in April and May are always one of my highlights, taking place in local ancient woodlands and private gardens where these wonderful wild flowers are in abundance. We always tread carefully so as not to unsettle them, treating them with the respect they deserve by sticking to pathways and exposed fallen trees.

This year I was lucky enough to photograph many families, some returning and some new, to capture precious family moments against this vivid backdrop of bright colour. Due to this year's extreme weather, the bluebells were late to flower but when they did arrive they came out in full force, with a huge rainfall helping to create an impressive crop just in time for the May bank holiday.

Here are a few of the photographs from this year. If this spurs you on to look ahead to next year please get in contact so we can book you a slot. Before next year, we are now looking forward to our meadow photo-shoots in late June and early July which are also proving to be very popular since we introduced them in 2016.



Time to Book Your 2018 Meadow Photo-Shoot...


Create everlasting memories in this little piece of floral heaven.

As Mother Nature provides us with a fresh variety of spring wildflowers and grasses, I am looking forward to starting again my beautiful meadow photo-shoots. I truly believe there is no better backdrop to capture family and friends in such a natural and personal setting.

Our Meadow photo-shoots in June and July are always very popular, taking place in a secret location on private land where wonderful wildflowers are in abundance. Just to reassure any nature lovers, we always tread carefully so as not to unsettle them and stick to the pathway as much as possible.

We know instinctively that family and friends are the most precious things we have in life - in this crazy world of work and commitments it is easy to lose sight of what’s really important.

Make time to photograph your loved ones in a timeless natural setting. I will guide you through your experience and advise you how to display these moments to enjoy now and for future generations to come.

Do get in touch to discuss your ideas and to design your bespoke package.



Stella's Photography Tips: Shutter Speed


Following on from my photography tips from March, this month I am explaining how to use shutter speed to your advantage, to show motion, either to slow it down or to freeze it. This works particularly well for moments that are fleeting, for example as shown here with the flow of water, the same principals apply for sports photography.

Simply follow the steps below and enjoy the experiment!

1. Depending on how close you are to your subject, this generally works best with a 24mm -120mm so you have varied range of focus. A focal range similar to this is fine - remember there are no hard and fast rules.

2. To show motion, select a slow shutter speed 1/15 of a second and below.

3. It is best to use a tripod to avoid camera shake, or make sure you are leaning against something sturdy to support yourself. Alternatively you can stand with your legs apart and your elbows close to your body to minimise camera shake.

4. Select auto ISO as you maybe restricted with your maximum aperture opening. Just to remind you that ISO controls the sensitivity of light on the digital sensor. Auto ISO will increase or decrease the sensitivity by going up to increase or down to decrease, in numbers from 200 - 400 - 800 - 1600 - 3200. If you prefer you can control this manually.

5. Select you aperture at f5.6 and take the shot, experiment to achieve your desired effect and exposure.

6. To show frozen motion select a fast shutter speed about 1/500 of a second or more.

7. Keep the aperture to f5.6 and the ISO to auto. Take the shot and experiment with different exposures to achieve the desired effect.

If you would like more advice to help you understand your camera one to one, I offer masterclasses tailored to suit your knowledge and ability. Alternatively, you and a friend can take a class with me.



Out and About: The Beautiful Tulip Celebrations at Hever Castle

It is the time of year when we all start looking for signs of spring - perhaps this year more than any other after such a cold winter! Of course nothing says spring more than beautiful flowers and for the second time, Hever Castle and Gardens is hosting a Tulip Celebrations event from April 18 - 27 with over 20,000 magnificent spring tulips in bloom.

For those of you who have not yet visited, Hever Castle is the childhood home of Anne Boleyn and is a stunning backdrop to the beautiful blooms making this celebration a local spectacle, and a personal highlight!

Visitors can enjoy a self-guided tulip trail, or time with Hever’s Head Gardener Neil Miller. I love the vibrant colours, and tulip varieties planted in the Castle grounds, along the stunning Pompeiian Wall, in the traditional Tudor Garden and the ‘Italian Garden’.

Documented for the first time this year is the history of the tulip and this is marked with displays and information in the Castle. I found the global footprint of the tulip especially interesting and its journey from Turkey to Holland in the Sixteenth Century.

I will be at Hever Castle to enjoy this up-lifting time of year over the next few days, of course with my camera. I hope to see some of you there!

For more information please visit Hever Castle here



Time to Book Your 2018 Bluebell Photo-Shoot...


Beautiful Bluebell Photo-Shoots

As the bluebells begin to bloom, join me for a memorable photo occasion, with your family and friends.

I am delighted to report that a magical time of year is almost upon us, as the beautiful bluebells begin to bloom in our local ancient Surrey Woodlands.

Each year I use this wonderfully rich backdrop as the scene for exclusive photo-shoots with families and friends. I offer this only when the bluebells are at their very best, and only at certain times of the day to ensure a perfect light. With the right light, it is one of my favourite natural settings.

I am now taking bookings for my bluebell photo-shoots. Please do get in touch to discuss if you are interested on 01883 722282 with further details on our website. This opportunity is only available for a very limited time.


A testimonial from a happy customer last year;

'We booked our first family bluebell photo-shoot with Stella and we were so pleased we did. Stella was so good at putting us all at ease, particularly our 16-month-old daughters. She was able to maintain their attention long enough to capture some fantastic photographs which reflect the girls’ personalities beautifully.

'The whole process was smooth from start to finish and Stella was able to help advise us on photos to combine and how best to display them. We are so pleased with the photos, they are of great quality and are a lovely memory for us all.'


My March Inspiration

In March, I take my inspiration from the new light, and the beautiful flowers that arrive to tell us Spring is here. When the clocks go forward, the extra daylight inspires me to go outside and play with the different light. For me the best time is early morning as the sun rises and late afternoon as the sun goes down to create two distinct atmospheres.

This March we have have had the extra bonus of a heavy downfall of snow which has added to the beauty around us, especially the reflective light which inspired me to travel a little further afield to London to take a few photographs of our landmarks. The snow has added an element of depth and mystery that you can't really achieve with any other light.

This link will take you to my blog 'London in the Snow' to see more.