The Art of Picture Framing by Stella Scordellis

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Believe it or not, there is an art to picture framing - be it cherished photographs, valued artworks, limited editions, canvases and treasured needlepoints, documents or even a priceless signed premier league football shirt.

It can be too easy to just use any old frame that’s to hand or something ready-made that doesn’t quite fit for now with the intention to change it at a later date, which never seems to come…

This is where the art of picture framing comes in and my professional and creative eye, which intuitively knows what works best to display your artworks for your home or workspace.

Part of my work as a photographer is the presentation of the images I create and by using this skill it has taken me further afield to work with you for your personal or commercial artworks for framing.

For over 20 years I have collaborated with a team of skilled craftspeople to deliver a bespoke picture framing service to suit your lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be the photographs you have commissioned me to take, it can be anything that you value and feel deserve the best presentation, from contemporary to traditional and anything in-between.

Simply call me on 01883 722282 or email to arrange for me to visit you at your home or workplace for a one-off piece or more. I’ll come equipped with a variety of frame mouldings, mount card colours, Art Glass and lots of creativity to take the pressure away from you.

This link to the Picture Framing section on the website tells you a little more.

Thank you.


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