Seasonal Photo-shoots for 2019

SMS Vineyard 7 Watermarked.jpg

Over the years we have had the pick of enchanting locations for family photo-shoots, from an exclusive Kent vineyard to the Surrey woodlands and a charming private meadow.

Fortunately we are surrounded by picturesque locations that are at their best at different times of year, for example the bluebells are abundant and in full bloom late April early May depending on the rainfall.

In the summertime we are privileged to have access to a stunning private meadow with the backdrop of the North Downs, that flowers for a very short time before it goes to seed and has to be mown, this happens in either June or July, so we have to keep a firm eye out so we don’t miss it!

The vineyard we have very kindly been given permission to use looks stunning from July until harvest time in October, with the dappled light and the rows of vines it’s an awe inspiring backdrop!

The woodlands on our doorstep, on the Surrey and Kent border are available throughout the year for photo-shoots, but look particularly colourful in autumn and winter time with a huge array of interesting spots to choose from.

I also photograph in somewhere a little more personal and intimate, your garden, it doesn’t have to be a grand garden, or a work of art just somewhere you are comfortable to be photographed in, it could be a courtyard or even a flower bed, we can decide on the day of your photo-shoot.

So if any of the above appeals to you for the experience of a photo-shoot for you, your family and your pets, do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you so we can contact you as the seasons unfold so you don’t miss the opportunity that is so often fleeting.

Below is a selection of recent photo-shoots in the various locations to ponder over, or you are welcome to suggest somewhere else that is personal to you and wherever your imagination takes you.

All you need to do is call the studio on 01883 722282 to register your interest, secure a booking or buy a personalised gift voucher or if you prefer you can email us on the ‘Commission Yours’ button below, thank you.