Past and Present Photography

Chloe, Then and Now! Past and Present Photography

When I opened SMS Creative Photography in February 1997 I had the pleasure of photographing lots of  children and families, amongst these families was Chloe. That was in August 1997 when she was just four years old,  I got to meet Chloe again last Saturday for an update on that photograph but this time for her 21st birthday. Wow! I think you'll agree she looks beautiful, what a stunner!

The thing I love about my work is that I get to meet and take photographs of all sorts of interesting people to capture a moment in time. Chloe's grandmother came in with her on both occasions and wanted to capture her on this landmark birthday.

This just goes to show how important it is to capture and print these images for quiet reflection.

Recently we have had commissions to restore old photographs some as old as one hundred and twenty years to reproduce prints for family archives so current generations can have several generations of their families framed to be part of their everyday lives and to share copies to preserve the original. This has been fascinating to see how photography has evolved over the years and how family members can look so similar two generations apart.

With the current age of digital photography we are all so familiar with capturing a moment and sharing it via social media or just storing it on our hard drives that they very rarely get printed which leaves me a little concerned that future generations will miss out on that "suitcase full of old photographs" to rummage through, something that I'm sure we can all share in doing.

This is my quote:-

 "To capture the present, to create the past, for future generations..."

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Thank you very much for reading