Oxted Gasholder - Courtyard Gardens Build - September 2019

On the left the auger on the piling rig that drills out the ground to make way for the concrete.

On the left the auger on the piling rig that drills out the ground to make way for the concrete.

Welcome to my September blog about the St William (part of the Berekely Homes Group), housing development for 111 luxury apartments at the former gasholder site here in Oxted.

Regular readers of my blogs will be aware that since January this year I have been photographing the demolition of the gasholder and the start of the building process to visually document the history for posterity, due for completion summer 2021.

Each month I am given access to the site, accompanied by Assistant Site Manager, Ness Kingham who escorts me and tells me about the progress since my last visit. I am always fascinated by the processes and developments, I have learnt so much!

This is just the beginning of the building process of 3 blocks - A, B and C where the sheet piling has taken place and bearing piles on block C on the former Johnsdale car park are complete.

Over 5500m3 of soil has been removed from the site to date, that’s the equivalent volume of more than two Olympic sized swimming pools! The removal of the contaminated earth resulting from the former gasworks is also complete.

The photographs on this blog were taken on Monday 16 September 2019 and tell the story with captions on each image. I have watched an auger drill into the ground and deposit concrete for the bearing piles to take place, read on to find out more.

Each image has a caption on describing the processes.

The auger is a fascinating piece of machinery and capable of so much very efficiently.

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Each time I visit the site so much has changed, it really is beginning to take shape for the next stage of the building process.

Thank you for reading this recent blog, I hope you have found it interesting. I’ll be back in November with an update from my October visit.

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See you next month!