The London Classic Car Show Preview Evening

All I can say is WOW and well done to Brand Events the creators, who staged the preview launch for the inaugural 'London Classic Car Show'.A show that won't disappointed any car lover. I've been to a variety of car shows, indoors and outdoors, in many varied locations and this one is definitely in my top three. The show, at the ExCel exhibition centre in east London is easy to access, with in my opinion, the right amount of content. You get to see, hear and smell the cars, an intoxicating mix of car heaven. Brand Events have achieved what they set out to do, by putting London back on the classic car map. On until Sunday 11 January.

London Classic Car Show_2

The two James’  May and Martin, officially opening the show. Both are avid car collectors, with James Martin commenting that he has two passions in life, cooking and cars. With the the opportunity to enjoy some of his recipes at his ‘Classic Cafe’, three cleverly converted food wagons. James May believes that there are 13 cars that had a profound effect on the motor car as we know it today, and tells all. During his interview with Chris Evans he revealed that he thought the car that changed the world the most was in fact very personal to him, and was the famous Corgi model toy of the ‘James Bond Aston Martin’, complete with ejector seat.

London Classic Car Show_3

James Martin posing in a mini with his 'Classic Cafe' in the background. The pulled pork sandwich I had was delicious.

London Classic Car Show_4

Adrian Newey is being honoured at the show. He is the all-time most successful designer in Formula 1, and revealed during his interview with Chris Evans later in the show, that all his drawings are drawn free hand. He learnt his craft whilst a young boy helping his father build cars, in particular a Lotus Elan sprint road car. You can find out more about his incredible career at the show and see on display an array of cars that have played a significant part in both his professional and private lives. I was fascinated to read how much he has achieved and to meet him. Be sure to visit the 'Motor Sport Hall of Fame Showcase' to learn more about him and others.

London Classic Car Show_5

Chris Evans just before he went on stage to interview James Martin, James May, Adrian Newey, Christian Horner, David Coulthard, Martin Brundle and the event director Bas Bungish.

London Classic Car Show_6

During Chris Evans interviews, he asked each of the guys to share with us, their memories of their first cars. Adrian Newey's first car was a yellow Lotus Elan which was previously owned by his father and last seen in 1980. It was interesting to hear him describe with a passion how he restored it. The show organisers had tracked down the car and Chris introduced it as a surprise addition to the evening when it was driven down the Grand Avenue for all to see and enjoy, Adrian was visibly thrilled to be reunited.

London Classic Car Show_7

Adrian drove the car down the Grand Avenue with Chris as passenger for the Lotus Elan to take its place in the procession alongside other classic, veteran and super cars.

London Classic Car Show_8

We were wowed with a first class display in the Grand Avenue, a runway that I can only describe as a motoring catwalk. Featured were some of the most valuable, rare and desirable classic cars in the world to kick start the new year with an aural explosion. With many of the cars from James Martin's and Adrian Newey's personal collections. Seen here a Mercedes Benz 300SL, with the enclosure behind and the elevated stage, where Chris Evans interviewed the motoring aficionados and organisers. This is just a brief account of a fun filled, educational evening. I highly recommend you go and see for yourselves, the show is on until Sunday 11 January. Thanks for reading I'll be back next month with more news.

Bye for now.