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If you haven’t already discovered ‘Stella’ let me introduce you to my other website ‘Stella Lifestyle Photography’.

‘Stella’ is the lifestyle and automotive side to SMS Creative Photography that launched in 2012 as a result of the relationships built with my studio customers, they were looking for a more individual and bespoke service to cover events and on-going projects.

Commissions from the ‘Stella’ brand take me far and wide - photographing automotive events, such as Salon Privé at Blenheim Palace and the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, with Formula One Racing Team, Williams for a Russian luxury lifestyle magazine called Rútage based in London.

I was commissioned to photograph Sergey Sirotkin, a young Russian driver for a feature called ‘Under the Helmet’ a behind the scenes look at him during the pre-race days - the photographs below show the end results of the photographs they chose to feature in the quarterly magazine.

Stella Scordellis - Rutage - Watermarked 1.jpg
Stella Scordellis - Rutage - Watermarked 2.jpg
Stella Scordellis - Rutage - Watermarked 3.jpg
Stella Scordellis - Rutage - Watermarked 4.jpg

The photograph below resonated with me because amongst the busy and diverse activity at the British Grand Prix there was a moment of calm when the Ferrari engineers stopped work for a few minutes to exercise and stretch, which is all part of their daily routine, I grabbed this shot on my way to a photo-call to remind me there is always time to stop for reflection and relaxation no matter what you are doing!

This link to the Blog section of the ‘Stella’ website tells you more about these events and others.

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Stella_Scordellis_2018_Scuderia Ferrari Engineers.jpg