Cherishing Special Memories with Our Mothers on Mother's Day

As we approach Mother’s Day, our attention turns to celebrating our mothers, or ladies in our lives who support and love us. As a mother, I know how much you cherish time with your family, and when they are not around, how important it is to surround yourself with happy memories of times spent together.

I often work with families looking to reward their mother for everything she has done, with a one-off 'Stella' Family book. A bespoke photography book is a unique way to celebrate family times together, and when given is a much-cherished gift. A book I created ‘For Sarah’ stands out in my mind, where I was commissioned to capture for one mother her home and family over a three month period. She had no idea that I had been working behind the scenes photographing everything she held dear – her herb garden, favourite roses and sunflowers, the housekeeper’s cottage and garden and of course members of her family.

The book cover was printed on a fine linen cloth with gold foil lettering to create a unique present, which she was thrilled with. If you would like to commission something similar for your mother, please contact me for more information.