Chauffeur's Flat Tandridge Lane

On Sunday I visited the Chauffeur's Flat in Tandridge Lane which is part of the National Garden Scheme that opens for charity at certain times during the year.

I had heard a lot about this garden and missed the open dates last year so was determined not to miss it this year, I had already missed the dates it was open in May so this was my opportunity and yours too. It is open until Sunday 23rd June, 10am until 5pm daily.

You are in for a treat, a beautiful tapestry of magical secret pathways leadings to different gardens. The creators of this haven are Mr and Mrs Richens, a work of art, thirty six years in the making. The time, imagination and determination they have invested in their "back yard" are a testament to their vision.

Take a look at few images I took on that rainy afternoon that I hope will tempt you to take a step into wonderland.

SMS Creative Photography Chauffeur's Flat Tandridge Lane

I will be back tomorrow with details about a book one of my customers has written.