Stella Marina Scordellis owner and founder of SMS Creative Photography, has always had a passion for photographing people and preserving moments - this goes way back to her roots. The youngest of six children, coming from a big close knit Greek-Cypriot family where family life, celebrations and food were the focal point.

Stella's father Larry, was a true pioneer in search of a better life for his brothers and sisters, he came to the UK from Cyprus in the1940's and started his new found life selling chestnuts on the corner of Oxford Circus. His hard work and showmanship soon paid off when he progressed to owning restaurants, creating jobs for his family and others to work in to forge their own lives.

Stella's parents bought her her first camera at the age of 12, a Pentax, to photograph customers and events at the restaurants and at the various christening and weddings the family went to on outings. At the age of 15, as well as working in the family restaurant on a Sunday, she also worked on Saturday at the local wedding and portrait studio. A couple of years later she served a 3 year apprenticeship at the commercial department of the studio, with a day release course - City and Guilds in photography and black and white printing. Having learnt her craft, her passion soon became ingrained and instinctive.

Stella had a strong desire to have her own family, married young and had 3 children. Unfortunately the happy ever after wasn't to be, as she found herself homeless with 3 small children to provide for. This was her cue to fullfil her dream to set up her own portrait studio to provide for herself and her children. The rest as they say is history!

Stella's entrepreneurial spirit didn't let her down, when in 1997 she set up SMS Creative Photography, with the idea of capturing photographs to keep others family heritage alive. By paying attention to her customers needs and providing a personal service with particular care to craftsmanship and detail, she and her team have grown a thriving business.

In 2013 Stella established a new part to the business - photographing lifestyles and personal collections worldwide - her sister website 'Stella' will tell you more.

Her philosophy is now, as it was when she started, to deliver photographs to convey an emotion that can be appreciated and valued for many, many years to come.

What's your history?