Location and Studio Photo-Shoots


Q. How do I book a studio or location shoot?

A. We offer a personal service, you are welcome to book over the telephone, by email or at the studio.


Q. How is payment made.

A. Payment is made at the time of booking to secure the date and time, please read our Terms & Conditions for further information.

Q. What is your policy should I need to reschedule.

A. Please take a look at our Terms & Conditions under Cancellation Policy.


Q. What packages do you offer?

A.  We offer a variety of photo-shoots, please take a look at the options available under the drop down menus on the navigation bar.


Q. How long do we need to book in advance?

A. Depending on the time of year a weeks notice is usually enough, the studio can get very busy especially around Christmas time, for location shoots we suggest booking at least one month in advance.


Q. How long is a photo-shoot?

A. Photo-shoots last between 30 minutes and one hour at the studio and can last longer depending on the location chosen.


Q. How many people can we have in a photo-shoot?

A. The studio can comfortably seat six people. However we have had up to 14 in the studio at one time - six of the group were small children and babies. We suggest large groups enjoy a location photo-shoot experience.


Q. Where is the best place to park for the studio?

A. There are a few parking bays directly opposite the studio that are free for up to an hour. There is also the Ellice Road car park a short walk away - to find this take the turning next to Sainsbury’s and follow the road to the end and turn right. The car park operates an ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) system, offering free parking for the first hour. You can register on-line for payments direct to a card via www.tandridge.gov.uk/parking or payment is taken when leaving the car park by card. Times stated are in addition to the first hour. Charges are £1.50 for 1- 2 Hours, £3 for 2- 3 Hours and £4.50 3-4 hours and £6.50 over this time, this operates between the times of 8am - 5pm. Parking is free at Morrisons, for up to 2 hours. On a Saturday there is free parking in the Ellice Road car park and in the traders Johnsdale car park which is by the gasometer with access via Johnsdale. The council offices in Gresham Road offer free parking on a Saturday, this is a short walk away near Nat West bank.


Q. I am disabled, is there wheelchair access to the studio?

A. Yes there is a small step into the premises, we have had plenty of wheelchairs in the studio with no problems.


Q. What should we wear?

A. Wear something you are comfortable in and try not to wear anything too ‘busy’ especially if you are having a group sitting, this will be discussed during your consultation.


Q. I dislike having my photograph taken, what happens if I don’t like any of the images?

A. We do our best to make you feel comfortable and relaxed, we do not let our clients leave unhappy, Stella is very skilled at putting you at ease and achieving brilliant results.


Q. What happens if my children won’t co-operate?

A. Children may take a few minutes to adjust to the unfamiliar surroundings, but once they relax and start to enjoy the experience they generally go with the moment. We have various ways to help the process from the latest music, toys and sometimes some sweet treats! Stella is excellent with children and makes them feel at ease.

Q. My baby has woken up with scratches on her face and I don’t want photographs with her not looking her best.

A. Our experienced digital artists can sympathetically retouch out any imperfections.


Q. Do you only do studio photo-shoots?

A. No, we also do photo-shoots in a variety of locations, including your home & garden, please take a look at your choices in the drop down menu on the navigation bar.


Q. If we don’t have a garden can we go elsewhere?

A. Yes, there are plenty of other options available such as, the park, the woods, the beach, a village green, a vineyard or a meadow. We have access to some beautiful private locations at no further charge, however some locations that are privately owned do need prior permission and a fee may apply.


Q. When do we see the images?

A. For studio shoots images are shown during the shoot, you are welcome to choose your favourites and place your order at this time, or at the viewing appointment if you prefer. For location photo-shoots the images are shown during your viewing appointment to choose your favourites and to place your order.


Q. Can we buy the digital files from our photo-shoot?

A. Yes our various packages give you the option to buy products and digital files, however a minimum spend on products for £500 is required before the purchase of digital files.


Q. I have family abroad, can I send them a digital file to print for themselves?

A. All our photographs are expertly finished by our skilled in-house digital artists and printed by our in-house team using colour matched and calibrated equipment to get the best quality prints. We can sell a 'Licence to Use' the files, however we cannot be held responsible for the quality of third party prints.


Q. Who owns the copyright?

A. The copyright of all images remains exclusively the property of SMS Creative Photography Ltd, copying of images is prohibited and illegal under the 1988 copyright and patents act, once digital files are purchased you are granted a 'Licence to Use' for personal use, an additional purchase fee will apply for commercial use, please see our Terms & Conditions for further information.


Q. If we have booked a location shoot and the weather turns wet, what will happen?

A. The photographer will keep a very close eye on the weather and if alternative arrangements need to be made they will contact you.


Q. What happens if I need to cancel my sitting?

A. If you are unable to keep your appointment please let us know as soon as possible, please see our Terms & Conditions for further information.


Q. When can we place our order?

A. You are welcome to place your order at the time of your studio photo-shoot or most often during your viewing session.




Q. Do you photograph parties & events.

A. Yes we do, this is a bespoke service depending on your individual requirements, please take a look at the Commercial section of the website.


Q. Do you photograph animals?

A. Yes we do, we have had the pleasure of photographing many a family pet, from horses out in the fields, to cats and dogs in the studio and dogs in your garden, you are welcome to include your dog(s) in your studio shoot.


Q. Do you photograph products?

A. Yes, our expert commercial photographers will help you raise your brand profile by photographing your products to your brief.


Q. Can you provide professional/company headshots?

A. Yes, we can provide head shots for commercial use, social media, websites, presentations and reports, please take a look at the Commercial section of the website. For Corporate headshots this applies to employees of one company with digital files emailed to one address and invoiced to one address.




Q. I have an old photograph that is damaged, is this something you can restore?

A. Yes we can, once our skilled digital artist has taken a look to advise you on the cost to assess the time it will take to restore we can then print a new photograph.


Q. Can you make copies of my photograph?

A. If you own the copyright or have a licence from a professional photographer to do this then yes we can.


Q. I have found a lot of old slides in my loft, can you scan them and make prints for me?

A. SMS Creative Photography is an agent for a company that can convert various types of media including cine film, video, slides and more. They collect once a week from the studio and deliver back once the work is complete, payment is made direct to them.


Q. I need a photograph/artwork framed, is this something you do?

A. Yes we do, we collaborate with the finest British craftsmen to frame artwork, we can advise you on a number of things, such as the mounting, the glass to choose and the choice of mouldings for your photograph or artwork.


Q. I have hundreds of family photographs that I would like to convert into an album, can you do this?

A. Yes, our in house design team and digital artists are on hand to convert prints into digital files and compile a bespoke family book for you to preserve your family memories.


Q. Help! I have bought a new camera and I don’t know how to use it, can you teach me?

A. Yes, Stella is a highly acclaimed photographer and a few times throughout the year she takes time out from her busy schedule to help others learn the craft of taking expert photographs and to understand their cameras better.



Q. I have artwork that needs framing or a canvas that needs stretching.

A. Our framers are very skilled at stretching canvas and mounting prints. Please take a look at the Framing section of our website for more information.



Q. Do you know the latest specifications for passport photographs?

A. Yes, we produce passport photographs to all the very latest specifications including American and Indian visa’s and digital files too.


Q. My baby needs a passport photograph but I don’t know how to do it myself.

A. We take passport photographs for people of any age including newborns. Please note babies under 6 months do not need to have their eyes open for their passport photograph.


Q. How many passport photographs do I get?

A.  Six identical copies for standard UK sized photographs and 2 for American and Indian visas are supplied.


Q. I need a passport photograph that’s not a standard UK size, do you do different passports photographs for different countries?

A. Yes, we have all the size details and templates for most countries.


Q. Do I need to book for a passport photograph?

A. Yes, it’s best to book to avoid disappointment as the studio is used for photo-shoots as well.


Q. How long do the passport photographs take?

A. The photographs take 5-10 minutes to shoot, print and trim.


Q. What should I wear for my passport photograph?

A. As it is only your neck and shoulders in the photograph wear something plain. Do not wear anything that obscures your face, this includes glasses as regulations state eyes have to be clearly visible.