Silverstone Classic 2018

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On Saturday 21st July I photographed at Silverstone Classic, to read my blog about the the tension, fun and excitement of the day, head on over to my 'Stella' Lifestyle Photography website   simply click the 'Read More' button below which will redirect you to my automotive and lifestyle photography website - 'Stella' - which this commission comes under. Thank you!



Meadow Round-Up


Our Meadow photo-shoots that take place in June are proving to be very popular. 

This year was no exception, this secluded meadow on private land was a wonderful display of summer at it's very best, abundant with grasses, buttercups and daisies, a vibrant backdrop with blue sky to match, just heavenly!

If you are looking for somewhere a little different for your next photo-shoot, or from previous location photo-shoots you may have enjoyed with us over the years, do let us know, so we can be in touch next year, when Mother Nature has done her thing; but remember this meadow is only at it's very best for two-three weeks before it goes to seed and has to be mowed in preparation for the coming year. 

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British Grand Prix 2018


This July I was commissioned to photograph at the Silverstone British Grand Prix, to read about this, simply click the 'Read More' button below which will redirect you to my automotive and lifestyle photography website - 'Stella' - which this commission comes under. Thank you!



Other Services - Did You Know?

As well as our sought-after studio and location photo-shoots I just wanted to let you know, or to remind you, that ever since we opened in 1997 we have been offering a wide range of other services, including bespoke framing, passport and ID photographs, and a scanning and restoration service to breath new life into old photographs.

To find out more about these services, simply visit our website on the appropriate buttons below and when you are ready, call into the studio so we can give you our friendly, helpful expert advice and service. 

Just one other point of interest that may well appeal to you, a friend or family member is our individual Masterclasses to help you understand your camera better, further information can be found via the button below.



Time to Book Your 2018 Vineyard Photo-Shoot


Our exclusive vineyard photo-shoots are a popular experience for all the family, they take place in a quiet corner of the Kent countryside which has been in the same family for over 300 years!

It's a little different compared to our other photo-shoot locations because of the varied landscape and is particularly beautiful from July until harvest time in October, when the vines are laden with red and white grapes.

Now is the time to make time to photograph your loved ones in this timeless natural setting. I will guide you through your experience and advise you how to display these moments to enjoy now and for future generations to come.

Do get in touch on 01883 722282 to discuss your ideas and to design your bespoke package or email

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Masterpiece London 2018

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